Книги по SharePoint для программистов

Beginning SharePoint® 2013: Building Business Solutions
Обзор функциональности SharePoint и конструирование решений без программирования: Lists, Libraries, Views, Workflows, Content Types, Web Parts, Sites, Site Collections, Permissions, BI, Social, InfoPath, Access Services, Branding, Web Content Management, Records Management, Search

SharePoint Composites Handbook
SharePoint как конструктор: Create Composites, Customization continuum, Composite Solution life cycle, Design patterns, Browser-based customization, Dynamic diagram, Form-centric Solutions, Business process and workflow, Projects, Managing documents and content, Publishing sites, Access apps, BI, BCS

Beginning SharePoint® 2013 Development
Описание инструментов и техник программирования SharePoint для начинающих: App Model, Developer Tools, Cloud, Deploying, Client-side Object Model, REST API, OData, OAuth, Office Apps, Remote Event Receivers, BCS, Office Services, Workflow
Microsoft® SharePoint 2013 App Development
Разработка в модели программирования App для SharePoint: Architecture, Deploying, Client-side programming, jQuery, REST API, Security, MVVM, MVC
Microsoft SharePoint 2013: Developer Reference
Справочник по разработке для SharePoint: LINQ, Apps, REST API, Remote event receivers, Web Parts, BCS, Workflow, Security (Claims, OAuth)
Pro SharePoint 2013 Branding and Responsive Web Development
Проектирование и управление контентом, разработка визуального дизайна: Web Content Management, Web Design, HTML5, CSS, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Master page, Design Manager, Responsive Design, Site Structure and Navigation, Page Layout, Publishing Pages, Publish Cross-Site Content, Integrating Search-Driven Content, Rich Interactive Forms, Uploading and Working with Files, Location-Based Features, Feeds and Social Media, Multilingual Sites
Pro SharePoint with jQuery
Разработка пользовательского интерфейса на основе jQuery: HTML, CSS, Traversing (DOM), Events, Manipulation (DOM), Debugging, Client Object Model, jQuery UI, Draggable and Dropabble, Resizable, Selectable, Controls, UI Effects
Professional SharePoint® 2013 Development
SharePoint Architecture, New Features, Developer Tools, Application Lifecycle Management, Cloud, App Model, Social Applications, Search-Based Applications, Web Content Management, InfoPath, REST API, Enterprise Document Management, BCS, Workflow (Custom Activity and Action), Reporting Services, Excel Services, PerformancePoint, Business Intelligence Center, Access Services
Pro SharePoint 2013 App Development
Разработка в модели программирования App для SharePoint: Creating and Debugging Apps, Managing the App Life Cycle, Client-Side Object Model, Security, REST and OData, BCS, UX, Search, Social, SharePoint Services, Cloud App Model
SharePoint® 2013 Branding and User Interface Design
Разработка графического дизайна для приложений SharePoint: Branding, Master Page, Content Pages (Publishing Page, Web Part Page, Wiki Page), Design Manager, Image Renditions, Navigation, Page Layout, Requirements Analysis, Information Architecture, Project Estimation, Wireframes, Device Channels, My Sites, Content Rollups, Composed Looks, HTML5, CSS, jQuery
Microsoft SharePoint 2013: Designing and Architecting Solutions
Планирование и проектирование решений для SharePoint: Understanding SharePoint architecture, Gathering requirements, Service application model, Storage and Security requirements, SharePoint 2010 Upgrade, Maintaining and monitoring, Business continuity strategy, Validating architecture
SharePoint 2013 WCM Advanced Cookbook
Разработка графического дизайна и управление контентом: Branding (Composed Looks, Device Channels, Design Packages, Master Page, Page Layouts), Publishing Architecture, Centralizing and Structuring Content, Delegate Controls, InfoPath Forms, Search, Multilingual Sites

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